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Stop. Did you know that you get the complete NSJJ Syllabus in both the Jujitsuanytime and Mastery Academy Subscriptions. So instead of paying $35 you pay only minimum $15.99 per month, and you can cancel and restart anytime. Try it free for 2 weeks, no obligation.

All you need to know about immobilizing kick attacks. Trialled and perfected in combat, the Red Tip kick defences will counter attack any kick. The defences are designed to break balance with strikes, locks and devastatingly effective throws. The ground defence is against a head lock on the ground or from the knee defence and the multiple defence includes moves from Taekwondo, Systema, Daito Ryu AIki Ju Jutsu and Tai Chi, synthesized into a fast and efficient synergy of movement. Red Tip is a perfect and logical continuation from the brown belt course.

“I very much appreciate the effort and energy that has been expended in producing this course. I found it extremely helpful and will it serve as a long-time aid to refreshing and refining techniques.” Michael


Northstar Ju Jitsu immortalises the spirit of the ancient samurai in modern society. The program is a newer, evolved approach to martial arts and life relevant to our society and culture.

Developed by Andy Dickinson Sensei, Northstar Ju Jitsu teaches a modern fusion of traditional Japanese Ju Jitsu, that trains the body, mind and spirit. The first of its kind to have evolved from the famous Daito Ryu Aiki Ju Jitsu and Tenjin Shin-yo Ryu Ju Jitsu.

Northstar Ju Jitsu teaches immediate and practical fighting skills in all ranges that can are easy to learn. These include distant fighting with long range kicks and punches, in close fighting with knees, elbows and standing grappling and control on the ground

After 35 years of development, Northstar Ju Jitsu is now accessible for the first time on our on-line learning academy. A tool that you can take with you and watch and study from any device, anywhere in the world. It is a great companion to take with you on your martial arts journey.

Northstar Ju Jitsu on line is a complete learning module aimed to give you a more in depth study of each belt, from White to Black. Suitable for men and women of all ages.

I am so excited about sharing my martial art with you. It is my hope that Northstar Ju Jitsu will transcend borders and attitudes and unite people of all cultures in peace.

Andy Dickinson Sensei.

Custom Japanese Calligraphy hand-lettered by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase.


6 reviews for Northstar Ju Jitsu Red Tip

  1. Michelle (verified owner)

    A great source of information. This was a huge help for me learning and understanding the new multiple defence. I was able to watch Angus over and over again to ensure I was getting it right. The instruction for the self defence and ground defence was also invaluable. I’m sure these course will be utilised many times.

  2. Alex Barnes (verified owner)

    Really helpful and detailed supplement to training.

  3. gayendra (verified owner)

    We have trained ourselves to include Northstar martial arts into our daily lives. These online content and course serve as a valuable asset to solidify what we learn during our day-to-day training, learn about the history of each technique, Andy sensei’s insights, stories of his own experience in his martial journey and test ourselves. I’ve gained an immense understanding of Martial arts and a disciplined life by deepening my knowledge with these courses.

  4. Vahid (verified owner)

    These online courses are invaluable source of information, technique and knowledge. Every single move is demonstrated to perfection. Andy Sensei’s first-hand stories provide an additional level of clarify on how the technique was formed in the first place. Highly recommended.

  5. Sam (verified owner)

    The online courses I found to be hugely beneficial. The more I progress into the senior levels of my training in Northstar Martial Arts system the more I appreciate the technical intricacies that make it so effective. I am lucky to have great instructors to learn from, but complimenting that training with the detailed instruction by Andy Sensei found in the online courses is great. I will certainly leverage more of these courses right from white belt as I ramp preparation towards my black belt grading in 2019.

  6. Daniel Goldshaft (verified owner)

    The digital aspect of the NSJJ system is an invaluable tool for review of correct techniques as it’s been demonstrated by Andy Sensei and the best of the Systems Senior students. This element is a robust training regime that keeps the mind sharp and is a great tool to take anywhere. As I travel for work, it makes sense to take the virtual dojo with me.

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