Northstar Ju Jitsu on-line classes.


Are you up for the challenge? We have top Northstar Ju Jitsu Trainers presenting their signature work outs. You will experience online training at it’s best with Quantum Martial Arts Founder and NSJJ 5th Dan Black Belt Darren Higgs as well as NSJJ HQ top trainers; May Lai Paulin, Mel Barrett and Ersel Akpinar. To top the awesome line-up off QMA’s Max Staiano and Arrow Martial Arts Academy Founder Robin Dosoruth power through their work outs to make this an excellent online experience.


Are you up for a challenge? Set your goal and train every day for 7 days. You will be taught and motivated by Northstar Ju Jitsu’s top and most experienced trainers. Now you can train along with a group class at home or away. This course includes detailed explanations and videos of how to block, punch and kick and then there is as complete 20 minute work out that will get you working all the basic kicks and punches. This is not a slow class, be prepared to sweat and work hard. Even if you have been training for a while you will still work hard to keep up with Andy Sensei and his team or top trainers. You will do a full stretch before starting and there is even a conditioning component. Making this a complete work out for the body mind and spirit, there is a short meditation that can be used as part of your warm down.


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