Martial Arts near me.

For quite some time I have wondered how I am going to write a blog post on martial arts near me. When I get the google analytics each month for the Northstar website, by far “martial arts near me” is hands down the most used search term in looking for martial arts schools. I have…

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Are you a Mc Dojo.

Just for a minute, let go of everything that you believe about martial arts tuition. Just take your blinkers off and ask yourself. Who wrote the rule book on how martial arts should be presented? It takes courage to step outside of the norm in anything you do. But it is we few pioneers that…

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Becoming a spiritual warrior 

spiritual warrior

Becoming a spiritual warrior Take me to Meditation pure and simple. We as humans, reflect our inner world onto our outer world. How we run our lives is in direct association with what we think. The world will never change whilst we as individuals continue to think, act and desire what’s in it for me.…

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Martial Arts in Sydney

Martial arts sydney

Martial arts in Sydney I was in the US a couple of weeks ago and I was invited to attend one of the premier American Martial Arts competitions, The Battle of Atlanta. This was an honour as it was the 50th anniversary of the event, so it was attended by American Martial Arts so called…

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